EV R&D inhouse facilities, developments and tie-ups:

We have a strong and passionate team of engineers and scientists from diverse backgrounds such as Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electromagnetics, Power electronics and Embedded design.

Apart from in-house design and development for some very critical components like chassis, motor and motor controller we have also developed a web and mobile based application along with an IoT device for connected fleet, real time tracking, alerts and for data analytics.

Additionally, a customizable digital cluster for E-cart and L-category vehicles have also been developed, which helps communicate with the vehicle battery as well as motor controller via CAN
bus to provide the customers crucial parameters like remaining charge/km and speed details.

For designing and simulations, as per our requirement, we have strategic collaborations with third
party vendors.

EV R&D future plans:

We are developing a CVT technology for high efficiency and better range over vehicles using conventional transmission.

We are also working towards improving testing standards and facilities for system optimization for Indian road conditions.

Development of EV powertrain including BMS, VCU for cost optimization and to improve the overall powertrain efficiency