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Reep Motors

We are a part of the Powergear Group. The Group designs, manufactures, and supplies quality products for power generation equipment and components for traditional and renewable energy sectors. The company has specialized manufacturing units located in Chennai, Hindupur, Chengalpattu, and Ranipet in India, with representations in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, South Korea, and Japan.
REEP Motors is a 40+ years old company started by technocrats and has a strong R&D team working to develop high quality standard, “Made in India” products. Efficient motors, speedometer and controller for EV’s have been developed With its wide presence across the globe, REEP Motors has delivered more than 6000+ vehicles till date and continues to export its products to other countries. In its endeavor to expand the company’s capacity, a 100,000 sqft manufacturing plant has been established in Chennai and the company is working towards bolstering its supply chain in India.

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We are Passionate About Creating Value

We manufacture electric vehicles and our work is driven by our passion to create value for our customers. We understand our responsibility towards the environment, our customers, employees,
suppliers, investors, and the community. We work responsibly and diligently towards creating a
sustainable future.